Command and Control
Mitsubishi offers a complete line of control room display wall systems for your mission critical command, control and tactical operation center. Our control room display wall systems have been engineered for extremely high reliability and automatic self calibration.
Mitsubishi understands the display needs of today's modern traffic management center. Whether monitoring road, rail, sea or air, the traffic management center must display video surveillance, map data, and sensor information. Our display wall cubes provide an economical, large overview display to clearly show large quantities of information.
Utilitiy Control Rooms
Our control room display wall cubes are designed to be tiled in such a way that SCADA and EMS network topologies can be spanned across screens without any loss of information.
Emergency Operation
Whether you are involved in disaster prevention or emergency response, being able to collect intelligence and share information is of the utmost importance. Our display wall projection cubes offers a common overview display for information sharing in your emergency operation center or Fusion Center.
Security & Surveillance
Although there is a large variety of video surveillance equipment available on the market today, Mitsubishi has developed an innovative way to monitor surveillance cameras and access control within your security operations center.
Telecom Network Operations
Whether you are in call center operations or manage a network operations center, a display wall can provide a common information sharing platform.
Public Information Displays
Mitsubishi offers rear projection display wall cube with DLP® technology for high end digital signage, lobby displays, and other general use information displays. Our display wall technology incorporates extremely low maintenance, a space saving design and high brightness to combat even the toughest ambient lighting conditions. Additionally multiple display wall units can be tiled together to provide an extremely large display area with a unit depth of between 25" and 38".
Broadcasting Stations
In today's modern broadcast control rooms and production studios, display wall projection cubes require the highest image quality possible. Whether you are utilizing the display wall projection cubes for video monitoring or an on air set, Mitsubishi Electric offers key technology to ensure performance and reliability.