Command and Control

Mitsubishi offers a complete line of control room display wall systems for your mission critical command, control and tactical operation center. Our control room display wall systems have been engineered for extremely high reliability and automatic self calibration. This also makes them ideal for installation into highly secured command, control and tactical operation centres with minimal to no support required from outside personnel. To ensure that our control room display wall automatically calibrates itself, we implemented Digital Colour Space Control ™, Dynamic Brightness Balancing™ and Smart Lamp™/Smart Colour wheel™ together with a host of other innovative technologies.

Mitsubishi’s original, industry proven Digital Colour Space Control with digital colour balancing and blending circuits, compensates for colour and brightness discrepancies among the display wall cubes. This unique feature employs built-in sensors to measure each cube’s primary colour levels every 2 seconds and automatically make the necessary adjustments to ensure consistent colour and brightness uniformity across the entire display wall, saving the customer time and money associated with on-going colour balancing maintenance costs.

Mitsubishi offers an new LED light source that has an average service life that is approximately 10 times longer than that of conventional ultrahigh-pressure mercury lamps. Combined with the 100,000hr, ultra long service life of our fans, the average service life of Mitsubishi Electric LED display wall cubes is more than 10 years, even when operated 24/7.

Equipped with an original LED power control circuit, each display wall cube can be set to operate in one of four modes (for WE, HE and PE models): Normal, Bright, Eco and Advanced Eco. As a result, command and control room operators can select the brightness according to the environment and use. Mitsubishi Electric LED display wall cubes have multiple picture settings, giving customers the freedom to choose the best setting according to the application and content being displayed. Optimized Colour is best for reproducing natural-looking colours, Vivid Colour realizes more striking colours in icons/symbols, and Low Colour Temperature is ideal for backdrop applications in broadcasting studios.

The LED light source eliminates the use of mercury, and thus helps to preserve the environment. At the same time, the Eco mode setting contributes to lower power consumption and CO2 emissions than display wall cubes that use a conventional ultrahigh-pressure mercury lamp. The LED light source offers a much wider range of colour reproduction, allowing a larger array of vivid colours to be used for the icons and symbols frequently used in command and control rooms. This ultimately makes it easier for command and control room operators to share information.

Image quality has always been one of our largest priorities, which is why we offer among the highest screen brightness and contrast ratios available. Thanks to this high brightness, your command and control or tactical operation center can have a variety of ambient lighting conditions from low light to high office lighting conditions without any perceivable difference in display quality.

For a command center or tactical operation center with limited space, we offer a series of front access control room display walls. Each front access unit is 100% serviceable from the front and is fully enclosed from the rear with built-in ventilation ducts and cable channels enabling the Display Wall to be pushed flush back against a wall.

Depending on the size and resolution requirements of your command center or tactical operation center, Mitsubishi has a control room display wall solution that can suit your needs.

Benefits for this environment

Low Cost of Ownership
Due to our reliability, new LED Light Source maintenance saving features, you will enjoy low cost of ownership for the life of the display wall.

The best protection from downtime is not through redundancy, but through reliability. Mitsubishi Display Wall cubes will prove to be highly reliable components of your control room system.

High Brightness and Contrast Ratio
Mitsubishi’s high brightness and contrast ratios provide images that are clear, sharp and easy to read thus reducing eye strain and fatigue for the operators.

Automatic Intensity Management
The most common cause of colour differences between adjacent screens is brightness intensity differences. Mitsubishi’s Dynamic Brightness Balancing circuitry checks and matches adjacent cubes every 2 seconds to ensure proper intensity matching.

Automatic Colour Space Management
Mitsubishi utilizes a sophisticated colour space management circuit that allows fine tuning of colour space to meet stringent colour settings. Because the system can be set to user defined target colour spaces, the system can automatically adjust colour space to compensate for newly introduced optical components.

LED Light Source Options
LED light source which eliminates the requirement to replace lamps.

Small Footprint
Mitsubishi’s Display Wall cubes have a depth of as little as a mere 21”. Our front access models allow the displays to be mounted directly against the wall with zero clearance. For smaller sites, our LCD panels can be wall–mounted.

Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada can assist you with choosing the most appropriate display wall solution to meet your specific application requirements and budget. Please contact us for more details.