Public Information Displays

Mitsubishi offers rear projection display walls with DLP® technology for high end digital signage, lobby displays, and other general use information displays. Our display wall technology incorporates extremely low maintenance, a space saving design and high brightness to combat even the toughest ambient lighting conditions. Additionally multiple display wall units can be tiled together to provide an extremely large display area with a minimal unit depth of between 23” to 33”.

To ensure your digital signage application or lobby display always looks good, our display wall cubes utilize automatic calibration technologies to provide easy maintenance for onsite staff. Additionally our new LED light source up to 100,000 hours of trouble–free operation.

To conserve precious real estate, our display wall cubes offer a space saving front access design option. Each front access unit is 100% serviceable from the front and is fully enclosed from the rear enabling the units to be pushed flush back against a wall.

Typically public areas have high ambient lighting conditions; therefore a display wall needs very high screen brightness. Our display walls have industry–leading brightness up to 1,150 cd/m² [or Nits], which is nearly twice the brightness of typical large format flat panel LCDs.

For budget conscious, Mitsubishi Electric offer near-seamless flat panel LCD displays. These flat panel LCD Display Walls are a perfect solution where real estate is at a high premium or supplemental displays are needed. Our industrial flat panel LCD displays offer superior cooling and 50,000 hour backlights to ensure continuous operation.

Mitsubishi display walls are utilized in high end digital signage and lobby display applications, where the highest level of quality and the lowest amount of maintenance is expected.

Benefits for this environment

Low Cost of Ownership
Due to our reliability, new LED Light Source maintenance saving features, you will enjoy low cost of ownership for the life of the display wall.

The best protection from downtime is not through redundancy, but through reliability. Mitsubishi Display Wall cubes will prove to be highly reliable components of your control room system.

High Brightness and Contrast Ratio
Mitsubishi’s high brightness and contrast ratios provide images that are clear, sharp and easy to read.

Automatic Intensity Management
The most common cause of colour differences between adjacent screens is brightness intensity differences. Mitsubishi’s Dynamic Brightness Balancing™ circuitry checks and matches adjacent cubes every 2 seconds to ensure proper intensity matching.

Automatic Colour Space Management
Mitsubishi utilizes a sophisticated colour space management circuit that allows fine tuning of colour space to meet stringent colour settings. Because the system can be set to user defined target colour spaces, the system can automatically adjust colour space to compensate for newly introduced optical components.

LED Light Source & Dual Redundant Lamps Options
LED light source which reduces maintenance costs by eliminating the requirement to replace lamps. Redundant lamps offer the ability to minimize downtime due to lamp failures. Lamps change within 15 seconds, including automatic adjustment of colour space and brightness intensity.

Small Footprint
Mitsubishi’s Display Wall cubes have a depth of as little as a mere 21”. Our front access models allow the displays to be mounted directly against the wall with zero clearance. For smaller sites, our near-seamless LCD panels can be wall–mounted.

Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada can assist you with choosing the most appropriate display wall solution to meet your specific application requirements and budget. Please contact us for more details.