56P-QF60LCU 56" LCD Monitor

The 56P-QF60LCU Widescreen LCD monitor is a specialized, extremely high resolution monitor for viewing dense information in an efficient, easy to view format. Monitor and control rooms of all types – for radiology, financial services, mapping, satellite imagery, utilities, government, armed forces, and law enforcement – can use this 56-inch Full Quad HD monitor to condense information from several displays or a video wall into a single display monitor for quick observation.

The enormous 3840x2160 pixels of high resolution produced by the 56P-QF60LCU make it ideally suited for environments that may have limited real estate or in smaller settings where you must analyze large amounts of information, or observe several separate data displays. You’ll see an unsurpassed QFHD (Quadruple Full High Definition) resolution that’s four times greater than a typical high-definition display monitor, with more than eight megapixels on the screen at any given time. The GTG 6.5ms response time ensure smooth transitions. Sending information to this widescreen LCD monitor requires only a computer or display wall processor capable of four 1920x1080 high resolution output channels.

Combined with its 500 cd/m2 brightness and 1200:1 contrast ratio you’ll be able to view multiple displays of highly detailed images on screen. Plus, with a 176° horizontal and vertical viewing angle, the 56P-QF60LCU widescreen LCD monitor can be clearly seen from virtually any seating position. The display monitor produces its image with a Super MVA LCD panel with a long 50,000 hour back light lifetime.

*Special installation processes are required to ensure proper ventilation, safety, etc. Be sure to ask a qualified installation specialist for proper installation of the product.

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