DLP LED Display Wall

Seventy Series LED Display Wall System, developed and manufactured inhouse based upon our long experience.Its environmentally friendly design, flexible electronic setting and extremely long life time realize more efficient and lower running cost operations for customers.

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DLP Lamp Display Wall

The Seventy Series Advance Smart Lamp Display Wall System incorporates leading-edge 7th-generation solutions and innovative technologies to ensure delivery of the superior picture quality and reliability for which Mitsubishi Electric is famous.

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Super Narrow Bezel

Perfect for any size room that require an array of Super Narrow Bezel LED LCD monitors ranging in size from 46" to 55" and feature a resolution from Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) to Quad Full HD (3840 x 2160).

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Ultra High Resolution Display

The 56P-QF60LCU Widescreen LCD monitor is a specialized, extremely high resolution monitor for viewing dense information in an efficient, easy to view format. Monitor and control rooms of all types – for radiology, financial services, mapping, satellite imagery, utilities, government, armed forces, and law enforcement – can use this 56-inch Full Quad HD monitor to condense information from several displays or a video wall into a single display monitor for quick observation.

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Display Wall Upgrade Engines

Mitsubishi Electric offers a simple, cost-effective and easy upgrade to existing Mitsubishi DLP™ Display Wall Systems with new long-life LED light-source Replacement Engines.

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Display Wall Controllers

Mitsubishi Electric offers a line of display wall controllers. They are high-performance, industrial-grade Windows®-based computers, built with high-end, off-the-shelf computer components designed for 24/7 continuous operation.

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Display Wall Software

The Mitsubishi Electric D-WALL Software is specially designed for customers to manage Mitsubishi Electric display systems in command and control rooms. Allowing up to unlimited concurrent client licenses included.

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