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City Multi systems offer a variety of optionals and accessories for our city multi models. These include wind guards, thru the wall fans, condensate drain pumps and more.

Big Foot Base Frames

Designed to create a safe and secure support for outdoor units installed on a flat roof
  • Reducing risk of leaks
  • Reducing cost of roofing installation
  • No plant decommissioning
  • 3 sizes available for 1-, 2- and 3-unit systems
  • All leg assemblies and cross-bars can be adjusted linearly to the required location

Wind Guard and Snow Hoods

Protect outdoor units against severe Canadian winter conditions
  • Optional accessories to maintain the system's operation and performance under low ambient conditions
  • Modular size that fit on all models of outdoor units (Except for S-Series)

City Multi Design Software

All-in-one program to assist the design process of City Multi
  • Simple drag and drop software for easy design process
  • Functions include: indoor and outdoor units selection, piping layout, wiring schematic, assign remote controllers and export AutoCAD drawings
  • Interactive program displaying design parameters and error notifications

System Maintenance Tool

Simplifies the operation, maintenance & servicing of the City Multi system
  • PC based software used to display system information & change system settings
  • Generates problem history reports and supports call functions
  • Both local & modem interface supported
  • Consists of software & signal converter