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Lossnay Energy Recovery Ventilators are the ideal solution for a wide variety of commercial applications and can be seamlessly integrated with any of our
City Multi air comfort systems.

From large hotels and building complexes to retail and residential projects...the Lossnay/City Multi combination is the ultimate in air comfort solutions.

Product Highlights
Features LGH-F300RX5-E LGH-F470RX5-E LGH-F600RX5-E LGH-F1200RX5-E
Air Flow - CFM (m3/h) 300 cfm (500 m3/h) 470 cfm (800 m3/h) 600 cfm (1,000 m3/h) 1,200 cfm (2,000 m3/h)
Temperature Recovery Efficiency 81% 82% 80% 75%
Enthalpy Recovery Efficiency 79% 80% 79% 71%
Noise 18 - 37 dB 18 - 38 dB 19 - 38 dB 29 - 40.5 dB
Power Consumption 67 - 300 W 120 - 538 W 146 - 637 W 639 - 1,303 W
Additional Info City Multi Integration
Detailed Lossnay Specification
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  • City Multi and Lossnay can be easily interconnected into a wide array of zone configurations and operational control groups.
  • Control system interconnection is simple. Two non-polar communication wires are all that’s needed to interlock Lossnay with the City Multi indoor units.
  • Combine up to 16 Lossnay and City Multi indoor units into a single operation group.
  • Assign each group to different operation zones to meet different demands.

  • Air stream cross-contamination is prevented by the specially treated partition plates used in the Lossnay Core (ideal for hospitals).
  • City Multi indoor units allow mixing of fresh air with room return air for enhanced energy recovery.
  • Supports a variety of duct orientations and uses small diameter ducts which simplify installation.
  • Lossnay has no condensation drains which allow it to be installed in a wide variety of orientations and applications.
  • Lossnay is easy to maintain.
  • For general features and benefits of the Lossnay Core, please visit our sections on Features & Benefits and How It Works.